Project Description

Customer Review on Seaford Lodge

In late 2013 we decided to build a second home at the top of the garden. After considering a number of different options, we settled on the idea of a log cabin. However, having approached a local firm we were informed that a residential log cabin (to a fixed design) would cost around £100,000.

At that price we gave up on the idea until early 2014 when we came across Beaver Log Cabins and phoned Andy, who couldn’t have been more helpful if he tried. He explained how their residential log cabins comply fully with building regulations and not only would the cabin be in our price range but they would be able to take our original designs, pass them to the mill to taylor them to a set of final working drawings.

Over the next six months, we met with Andy to agree the design, and obtained planning permission. Whilst BLC do offer the service, we decided to prepare the site, laid the foundations and installed all the services to the cabin ourselves.

Andy and his team started construction in early March 2015, and the whole 2 bedroom cabin was completed in just over 3 weeks. The lads were the best team you could wish for. They were fast and efficient and even made their own tea!
The whole building is made to a very high standard and the doors and windows are lovely. We have been living in the cabin for five months now and still smile every time we come through the door. Lots of people have looked around it and they all love it.

We can’t thank Andy and his team enough for all their help and hard work. They have provided us with the best home we have ever had. If you are considering having a cabin built we strongly recommend that you talk to Beaver Log Cabins, as it was the best decision we have ever made and love every minute in our new home.