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Lugarde Ruben 4m x 5m

Lugarde Ruben Cabin 4mx5m
• Lugarde Ruben Log Cabin -From 44mm and 68mm Wall Thickness available
 x 5m Multi room log cabin
• Window measurements 1 x PE48 Double glazed double windwo tilt and turn and PE47 Single tilt and turn
• PE45H Double glazed double door and an internal DD01 door 
• Eaves height approx. 2.15 meters and ridge height approx 2.85m – Optional 2.5m available with rubber roof only   

The Ruben Lugarde log cabin is  provided with 44mm log thickness with an option to upgrade to 68mm at an additional cost, this is an option with our online calculator. Standard options to add floor and roof insulation and installation area available.  Standard canopy measures 1m x 2.5m.

The Ruben provided several internal walls ideal for a garden office and play room. Contact us today for the plans

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