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Summer Houses

Choose from our huge selection of configurable summer houses from the options below. Made from the finest materials, our partner Lugarde is responsible for the whole production process and offer a five-year warranty to cover any construction or design faults of your building. All of the buildings below can be supplied and constructed by us – we also offer a self-build option. Check the pages for details. 

Prima Fifth Avenue 1.8m x 1.8m
Lugarde Prima Andrea
Prima Fifth Avenue 1.8m x 2.4m
Lugarde Prima Jessica
Lugarde Prima Jardin
Lugarde Prima Vienna 2.5mx2.5m
Lugarde Prima Jeffery
Lugarde Prima Christina
Lugarde Prima Summertime
Lugarde Prima Leonie
Lugarde Vera 2.5mx2.5m
Lugarde Prima Amber
Prima Fifth Avenue Original 2.4m x 2.4m
Prima Fifth Avenue Modern
Lugarde Prima Noella
Lugarde Prima Tessa 3mx3m
Lugarde Prima De Luxe
Lugarde Prima Avantagarde
Lugarde Prima Louisa
Lugarde Prima Carolien
Lugarde Prima Donna
Lugarde Rianne 3mx2.5m
Lugarde Prima Jasmijn
Lugarde Prima Sebia
Prima Fifth Avenue Duo
Lugarde Prima Demy
Lugarde Prima Bella
Lugarde Prima Josephine
Lugarde Grand Four
Lugarde Royal Garden 4mx4m
Lugarde Grand Lady
Lugarde Prima Nadine
Prima Fifth Avenue Duo Maxi XL
Lugarde Grand Six
Lugarde Grand Five

Summer Houses For Your Garden!

Nothing looks better in a well-kept garden than a summer house, snuggled away in the corner, the sunlight glancing off the windows!

Our summerhouses are made from high-quality timber offering the user extra living space or shelter from the sun to relax in during spells of warm weather. The concept of the summer house design was originally developed in Nordic countries like Denmark and Sweden, where the building is known as a Sommerhus and Norway (a hytte). The concept is for a simple wooden structure which can sit in the grounds of a larger house.

In Scandinavian countries, the term is used to describe properties by the coast which can be used all year round. With the perfect thermal insulating properties of wood coupled with the roof and floor insulation we use in our summerhouses, you’ll find they offer a toasty retreat any time of year!

We have a huge selection of designs from a simple corner summer house which fit snugly in any garden to larger models designed to stand proudly where ever they are located. At Beaver Log Cabins we can design your own personal space for whatever size of summer house you need. Once sealed and painted they offer the perfect relaxing retreat for any sunny garden!

Choose from our wide selection including designs for windows which complement the structure. Double glazed to keep the warmth in, plain or Georgian style. Also, choose from our huge selection of paint finishes to give your garden summer house your own personalised look and feel. All of our summer houses can be configured on the page by choosing from wood thickness, roof design and insulation options. Luxury living from Beaver Log Cabins.



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