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Choose from our huge collection of timber garden office buildings, from traditional structures to modern garden office pods. Every part of the design and build is configurable, from the wood thickness and roof design to insulation and paint finishes. Browse the options below – each building can be fully supplied and installed by us and we also have a range of self-build options.

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With more people than ever working from home, a garden office makes perfect sense in this fast-paced world. Previously the preserve of the sole trader or contractor, home working has become a way of life for many people.  If you have the space in your garden then why not consider the huge benefits of a garden office?

The timber office building will sit proudly on its own as a separate structure from your house allowing you to ‘go to work’ in the morning rather than taking up a room in the house, be that an office, the lounge or even a back bedroom!  The office can be fully equipped with electricity, broadband and plumbing, giving you all the comforts of a traditional living space. We can even arrange for a shower and an office toilet to be installed!

The garden office pods we supply range from traditional design to sleek and modern with large sliding windows. The specification is up to you and we provide an on-page configurator so that you can mix and match to get the perfect combination – from the wood thickness and roof design to insulation options and paint finishes.

The carefully selected wood and roofing materials we use on our garden offices are top of the range, proofed against rot and waterproof so we can ensure you that our garden offices range won’t let you down.  Our timber offices come with high quality double glazed doors and windows, which are “tilt and turn” providing an easy, user-friendly opening and closing process. We can arrange for the groundworks to be completed as well as each office will need to sit on a concrete base.  

Trust Beaver Log Cabins to provide the extra work space you need and free yourself from working in the house today!

One of the most popular uses for our residential cabins is as a home office. If you are going to work in one of them all day you will need a well insulated building. Our Office sheds offer the perfect solution to working from home. With a thinner skin the insulation is added to the inside, but spend a little more and you can get a 70mm thick version which is naturally insulating. Couple this with double glazed windows and doors and a 1kw heater and you have the perfect solution to working from home. Our garden office log cabins come in many designs, all of which can be prepared by us. They can even incorporate properly plumbed and drained toilets, washing facilities and showers, where water can be piped in from an adjoining house and an internal water heater added.

Beaver can provide everything you need for your home office log cabin, from builders to install the concrete base to electricians for lighting and heating and plumbers for the water. We can even advise on adding Sky TV and internet so your building in fully prepared and ready as a bona fida office pod!

Garden Office - Log Cabin

Our client wanted a garden office building in his back garden as he was working from home from the small office/studio in his house. The idea was to give him a fully working office incorporating the standard comfort facilities of a fully functioning WC with piped-in water, fully heated with communications such as the internet, phone and Sky TV.

What we achieved was a stand-alone clock-house style home office which stands proudly in his back garden surrounded by landscaping, flagging and lawns. Admittedly, he added the palm tree!

The Process

The client came to visit us to look at the available styles and options at our show site in Winsford after browsing our website. He and his wife chose their ideal building from those on display and the many photos and videos we have of completed work. From this we were able to provide a full quotation for a 7m by 4m log cabin. There was plenty of space in the garden so after a site visit, we were able to advise on the best location and orientation of the new building. It was important for the office not to face the sun, but to sit in a shaded part of the garden so it would keep relatively cool in high summer, but because of the insulation and heating, keep warm in the winter.

The Specification

The client chose a Clock House style log cabin as the basic design of the new garden office With the following specification:

  • Clockhouse log cabin 7.3m x 3.8m with dorma included – Eaves approx 2.2m with ridge 3.5m approx
  • Roof: Bitumen shingles – Black
    18mm Roofboards
  • Floor: 28mm Floorboards
  • Door: 1 x 1500 x 1930mm Double glazed double doors (Untreated)
  • Windows: 5 x Double glazed tilt and turn windows (Untreated) 700x1200mm
  • Insulation: Floor and roof insulation kit
  • Installation on the client prepared foundation as supplied
  • Electrics: 5 x Double sockets, 2 x 4way LED light, Mainboard
    1 x gland box and gland pack
    1 x outside light with PIR sensor
    1 x 1KW heater Dynamic
  • Painting: Supply and paint the external wall of the log cabin with
    Superdec treatment x 2 coats
    1 x Coat wood preservative by cabin fitters
  • Guttering: Supply and install black guttering to the log cabin 2 side


In this instance, the client employed a local landscaper to install the concrete base. They also had drainage work done so that they could connect up the W.C. which they had bought separately, to the drains

We had the pallets delivered directly to their house and started working on assembling the cabins which was to sit on tanalised wooden joists. A damp proof course was added, then internal wooden joists for the floor to sit on. The floor was then built up with a further DPC, insulation blocks, floorboards and finally the clients choice of Kardean floor covering. The whole process meant that there were 9 layers between the floor covering and the concrete giving good insulation in all weathers.

The building was constructed over the course of a week by our experienced craftsmen. This included the fitting of the 5 double glazed windows and half double glazed twin doors.

We fitted the 1kw wall heater and had all of the internal electrics fitted including phone sockets, internet cables from the router inside the house, external lights and even a small water heater which was sited under the cabinet in the toilet to provide hot water for the sink!

The building was then treated with external Sandolin paint, which is low in odour and breathable. The perfect paint for a log cabin. The client went for a pale green and white combination which looks simply stunning against the grassed lawn and house. The clients elected to complete the internal paintwork themselves and we advise on a suitable grade of paint to complete the job.

The Perfect Garden Office

What we achieved for the clients was perfection, something that they are proud to have sitting in their garden. The building performs its purpose of the ideal home office, just a short walk from their back door! It’s warm in winter and cool in summer with the thick 70mm timber walls doing their job perfectly. With such thick walls, there is no need to insulate as the wood is self-insulating.

Just to top things off the clients had the whole area surrounding area landscaped with charcoal coloured Indian flags which really set the building off against the surrounding grass. Their landscaper set all the levels and put down new grass, topping it off with a palm tree!

If you would like to have a similar home office installed in your garden then please contact us!



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