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Cabin FAQ’s

What Timber is used for your buildings?

All our cabins are made from Siberian Spruce. This timber is slow grown and suits the UK climate. All our timber is kiln dried to 15% – 18% moisture content which allows us to machine to a very high standard.


Do your cabins have Timber floors?

All cabins come complete with 28mm timber floors. This is unusual for log cabins but we believe this thickness gives a solid feel and allows heavy equipment to be installed in the cabin, without the need to strengthen the floor.


Are your Log Cabins Treated?

Cabins are plain timber and will need treating within two weeks of Installation, the reason for this is because the logs are precision machined and could swell if treated too soon. Any swelling could prevent the logs from locking together properly. All of our timber bearers are treated though as these will not be accessible after the install has been completed. We do offer a clear treatment if requested.


Do I have to install the glass in the windows and doors?

All our windows and doors are pre-glazed and hung in the frames ready for installation. All windows come complete with Georgian bars which can be fitted if required.


Where does your FREE delivery cover?

We deliver nationwide to mainland England / Scotland and Wales for free – however, there is an additional charge for Inverness and the Highlands. For more information on our delivery service see log cabin deliveries.


Do you have an installation service?

Yes, we do have our own in house fitting teams, who all have been involved in the manufacturing process of the Log Cabins, this assists them in building the cabins. We have built up a good team of fitters and they take great pride in what they do and are always happy to help.


How long does it take to order a Log Cabin?

All Promotional Log Cabins are stocked here in the UK by us and can be delivered within 7 days. All our other cabins are made to order. Most take 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. Bespoke Log Cabins can take up to 8 weeks for delivery. We will issue you with plans of the cabin that we need you to confirm before we start the manufacturing process.

Where are your Log Cabins from?

They come from the Baltic States (Lithuania). The mills we use have been very consistent with their quality and we have built up a good working relationship with these suppliers.


What kind of base do I need for my Log Cabin?

A flat, solid, level base is required and this can come in various forms, concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber-framed base, breeze blocks, decking, sleepers. The base ideally should be at least 2 inches above the existing ground level to deter damp. Provision of damp proofing should be considered. The base needs to be at least 100mm bigger than the cabin size. Ring us on 01606 590609 for more specific details.


Do your Log Cabins come in sections?

The interlocking design of our log cabins means that they come in individual pieces – wall boards, floorboards, roof boards – ready for immediate assembly. The maximum individual log length we produce is 5.9m long. So be prepared for some dual handling if you are considering fitting the log cabin on your own.


Do your Log Cabins come with roof coverings?

Our cabins are complete with 19mm Tongue and groove roof boards, they will, however, need a watertight finishing i.e. Felt, Shingles. We can provide you with these products. The twin skin Log Cabins have complete roof sections made for the cabin, internally they have a pre-made 19mm finish and externally the roof is covered with 28mm roof boards.


Do I need planning permission?

This will be dependant on your garden/site and the overall size of the log cabin/timber building involved. Download the latest Government advice.


Can you Insulate the Log Cabins?

Yes, we can – we can provide 35mm boarding for between the floor joists and up to 35mm insulation internally for between the roof purlins. When doing the roof insulation we can do this internally or externally. If we do this internally we will cover the insulation with matchboarding to give the same clinical finish you would expect in one of our log cabins. If you opt for external insulation we can increase the insulation boards to 70mm and shingles over as normal. Of course, you have the option of a twin skin log cabin that can be fully insulated in between the internal and external walls as well….this offers seriously good thermal values and is perfect for all year round habitation.


How long will my log cabin/timber building last?

That depends on whether you follow the care plan we give you when you purchase your timber building. If you treat the building every two to three years, then it could last a lifetime and beyond. For more on cabin care see our Log Cabin Maintenance Page.


Do you have a showroom where I can view some of your Log Cabins?

 Yes, we do. We have various sites in the UK where our buildings are on display. Most of these are at Garden Centres where our Log Cabins have been used as Sales Offices due to their durability. Please contact us directly on 01606 590609 for more information.

What are your best selling rranges?

We have found that more and more people are having bespoke style log cabins recently. The 44mm Clockhouse Log Cabin has always been a great seller. The most popular selling range is the 44mm Log Cabins. They are probably the best selling range we offer because as standard you are provided with the excellent tilt and turn double glazed windows.

The wood thickness is solid and offers a good level of heat retention, and of course, this is well within the grasps of most peoples budget. We have over 100 different models to choose from so there should be something for even the most discerning buyer. Even then if you are struggling to select, we can offer you a custom made cabin.



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