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Built on reputation and recommendations, our hauliers have the experience to tackle a variety of work and our extensive and varied range of truck/crane combinations enables us to provide a professional, fast and efficient service all over the UK.


3.1. We will arrange delivery of the goods at the earliest opportunity,

3.2. All delivery dates or lead times stated are approximate and are given by ‘The Company’ in good faith for indication purposes only. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates or delivery times, and cannot be held responsible for delays which are outwith our direct control, including (but not limited to) manufacturing problems and third party contracted companies. 3.3. We shall not be responsible for any delays caused due to incorrect or incomplete information being submitted by ‘The Customer’.

3.4. Deliveries shall be made to the roadside only, and it shall be at the discretion of the delivery driver to move the goods to an alternative point at the delivery property.

3.5. It is your responsibility to provide suitable access for delivery and notify us of any concerns, in writing, at the point of order. In this instance, you will be liable for any failed or return delivery charges.

3.6. A valid signature from you or your representative is required upon delivery, at which point you bear all responsibility and risk.

3.6.1. If you are not available to sign for the goods upon delivery, prior written acceptance of responsibility must be authorised by us allowing the goods to be left unattended. If written acceptance of responsibility is not received prior to delivery, you will be liable for the failed and/or return delivery charges.

3.7. Goods must be examined within a reasonable time of delivery, and all damages or shortages must be reported as soon as possible by telephone to 01606 352352, and thereafter in writing. ‘The Company’ will not accept any telephone claims which are not backed up immediately in writing.

3.7.1. No responsibility for transit damage will be accepted after 24hrs from time of delivery.

3.7.2. If damage has occurred to sectional goods during transit, each section will be classed as an individual item. We reserve the right to replace only the damaged sections and can decline any replacement when damage has been caused by ‘The Customer’ through misuse, neglect, self-assembly, or incorrect storage. Minor superficial damage caused during transit will not be accepted as grounds for rejection.

3.8. You should not begin installation, or arrange any third-party installation until the product has been fully inspected for damage or missing parts. We shall not be liable for any costs incurred by ‘The Customer’, should they fail to inspect and satisfy themselves that the product is sound and complete prior to self-assembly. Installation Service:

4.1. Some of our products are sold and supplied for self-assembly only unless stated otherwise.

4.2. If an installation service is available and has been requested, ‘The Customer’ must ensure that a flat, level and square base, capable of carrying considerable weight, has been provided.

4.2.1. The site should be clear of overhanging branches or obstructions and have sufficient unobstructed access (minimum 600mm) around the site for the safe erecting and maintenance of the building. If the base does not meet the required standards, you will be liable for the aborted labour costs (10% of the product price or the initial installation fee, whichever is greater), and the product will be left for self-assembly.

4.2.2. Should ‘The Customer’ require a return installation service, a similar charge (10% of the product price or the initial installation fee, whichever is greater) must be paid prior to the subsequent visit being made.

4.3. ‘The Customer’ must ensure that the installer’s vehicle can be parked as close as possible to the installation site. If a parking area cannot be located nearby the site, the installation may be abandoned and a return charge (as defined in 4.2.1. and 4.2.2.) may be made. ‘The Customer’ will be liable for any costs incurred by the installation team (metered parking etc.) during the installation period.

*Any customers who are self-building a cabin are recommended to do so within 1 week of accepting delivery from Beaver Log Cabins – failure to adhere to this can cause the wood to warp, split and swell. This is because the wood is kiln dried and will readily adapt to its new environment.

Beaver Log Cabins will not accept any liability for issue arising due to the changing state of the wood (after a 1 week period from delivery) as we cannot control nor guarantee the conditions the cabin is stored in after delivery*

Beaver log cabins delivery information

All our products are available with or without delivery, we offer a full installation service with most of our products.



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