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Log Cabins & Timber Buildings

Shop for Log Cabins for sale & Timber Building for sale at Beaver at our Cheshire showrooms in Winsford. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Wooden building designs and the high quality of the products we offer. You are welcome to come to visit our show site, view one of our cabins in person and discuss any project or building with us.

With over 14 year’s industry experience to help us improve, we are very passionate about the timber cabins and buildings we design, supply, build and install. Just give us a call to discuss any design you have in mind and we will be happy to help.

Browse through all of the wooden lodges, sheds and log cabins for sale here on our website and do please give us a call if you have any questions or need help in deciding on the light building for you. Our highly experienced staff have been in the business for many years and have experience of virtually every design you can think of and every situation. Help and guidance on the ground works and utility supplies as well as any planning that may be required for your build is provided free of charge.

There are a huge range of design options to suit your needs, so why not pay us a visit at our showroom in Winsford? You will be able to see fully constructed examples of what we sell and we can talk you through all the myriad of log cabin design options available to you. Pricing is a simple task of speccing up the detail and we will do the rest. You can also use the on-page calculator on any of our product pages to give you a good idea. Extras include the thickness of the cabin walls, insulation options as well as the type of roofing material you choose. We can also supply any heaters that you may need. Alternatively, give us a call today on 01606 590609 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Wooden Lodges

There is a huge selecton of log cabins includling timber lodges which can be sited in your garden. These can take many forms, from simple utility buildings to clock houses and garden offices. The buildings are delivered on a large pallet to your address.  The building is then dispatched and our highly skilled construction assembles the structure on site. This can take anything from a couple of days to a week depending on the size of the building.  Final finishing is also taken care of- painting of the outside of the cabin from the myriad of colours available, to finishing the inside to the specification of your choice!

Log Cabin Sheds

Additionally, log cabins can be used as a way of storing stuff in the garden such as garden implements and bikes. With locking doors and windows you can be assured that your items are safe under lock and key. Double doors allow the movement of larger items as they can both be opened outwards giving you maximum wiggle room.  A log cabin is a convenient extra space for your home. You can install single or double glazing, keeping the cabin light and airy at all times. Very often when it’s hot outside, the temperature inside the cabin is a little lower, making it the perfect workspace if you need to get out of the house.

The log cabin cabin sheds are constructed from high-grade softwood which provides durability combined with strength and dependability. With a range of stunning colours and finishes the combinations are endless. Simple varnishing will give a more natural, rugged look but you can really go to town on our range of paint finished, where windows, doors and the outside shell of your log cabin shed can be specified individually. Our shed are built to last and any personal belongings you store inside are safely locked away. Consider items such as lawn mowers, bikes and strimmer’s – keeping them away from prying eyes.

Every bloke would like a man cave so why not install one in your garden? The uses are endless, from a garden pub a fully working office, right in your back garden!

Log Cabin Thickness

Buildings are available in either standard 45mm thickness or the thicker 70mm. For the narrower boards, you will find that you will need to allow for insulation as well. You will find the cost of this specified on each of our product pages. For the 70mm thickness, the timber is naturally insulating so you will not need to insulate the walls.

The walls of the building are constructed from cleverly interlocking logs. Each plank has a zigzag edge which neatly locks with its neighbour without any gaps. This stops any cold air getting through providing the perfect join between timbers. If you are unsure about which timer thickness to choose then please speak with us.

Log Cabin Maintenance

It is important to take care of your log cabin. Inmany cases it is a significant investment so we want you to enjoy your the experience for as long as possible. You can read our full maintenance guide.  Wood treatment and painting is also provided as well as tips on moisture control, shrinkage and settlemnet issues.

Roof & Flooring Insulation

Beaver log cabins offers a range of options predominenetly with our residential cabins. Both the roof and the floor will need to be insulated. This is to prevent cold rising from the ground and to stop warm air disappearing through the roof.  This comes in easy to fit blocks which will fit between the joists and support the building, and between the roof timbers. It is foil backed, providing the best insulation there is.

Windows & Doors

Your cabin will come with double glazed doors and windows to retain as much heat as possible inside the building. Fitted by us, they will arrive separately to the main pallet with your order. The windows come with the option of adding Georgian frames, which can be attached over the frames to give a more cottage style look!

Contemporary Log Cabins

There are so many uses for log cabins, many of which will inspire and amaze. From providing extra living space to craft rooms and poolside changing facilities. The use is only limited by your imagination. Many of our customers use their cabins to provide extra living space – take a look at our amazing range of residential log cabins which are installed in exactly the same way where all kinds of facilities can be added, from a toilet to cooking facilities and of course bedroom space. There are considerable advantages to installing a log cabin to achieve this, not least the cost savings of a wooden building over a traditionally constructed one.

Many of our customers want to work from home, some who want an extra playroom for kids and others who need a craft room. A great idea is to use your log cabin as a home gym or even a cinema room where you can relax in style – install some quality leather seating and have the screen at one end! One of our customers is madly in love with music and wanted a separate music lodge away from the house. He installed a piano, guitars and a sophisticated music system so he could blast away to his heart’s content.

The myriad of uses is endless. Some people actually Airbnb their log cabins but you would, of course, have to take special planning advice about doing so. You may also have to provide separate access to the lodge so that your guests could come and go without disturbing you!

Log Cabins Near Me

One of the most common searches when looking to buy a log cabin is ‘near me’ and as luck would have it we are! Our buildings can be installed throughout England, so whatever you see on our website can be sitting pretty in your garden – just give us a call or send us an email.



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